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08 May 2020

As your go-to tattoo supplier, one of the most important products we sell is our tattoo ink. We are innovators in the industry and we are known for offering some of the best tattoo ink around. Our StarBrite Colors collection includes 170 vibrant, authentic, sterilized tattoo ink colors for you to choose from; however, selecting the right ones for your unique needs can be challenging. That’s why we created our tattoo ink sets. By strategically combining colors and placing them together in pre-made sets, you can easily select the best color combination for your talents and skillsets.


Yes, you always have the option of perusing our 170 best tattoo ink color options and putting together your own collection of colors, but if you want to give our tattoo ink sets a try, you will experience these benefits:

  • Save Time – Going through all of the colors takes time, but with our tattoo ink sets, you can simply add one to the cart, checkout, and be on your way.
  • Be Confident – Our tattoo ink sets are expertly curated by our team of tattoo professionals. They have put together colors that look good together, and they remove the guesswork out of which colors to use.
  • Save Money – All of our StarBrite Colors tattoo ink sets are discounted, which adds up quickly when you are stocking up your shop.


Our tattoo ink sets were expertly curated to give you the colors you need for the type of tattoo you specialize in. If you do a little bit of everything, and you never want to risk not having the right color, then our Master Collection, which includes all 170 of our best tattoo inks, is the way to go. If you primarily do nature tattoos, our Floral Series has you covered, and if you just want something basic, our Starter Set, which includes white tattoo ink, is ideal.

We also feature some specialty tattoo ink sets that were put together by some renowned names in the tattoo industry, including:

  • StarBrite Kirt Silver Series – This set features colors like Blood Clot, Butter Cream, Cotton Candy, Killer Kiwi, Midnight Purple, Rude Rouge, and more.
  • StarBrite Subterranean Series – Including colors like Alien Autopsy, Green Abyss, Bermuda Triangle, Blitzkrieg Green, Radioactive Fallout, Swamp Thing, and more.  
  • StarBrite Payne Portrait Series – With colors like Brown Sienna, Chocolate Strawberry, Florida Moss, Joao's Creamsicle, Salmon Sushi, and more.
  • StarBrite George Galindo Series – This set includes Blue Violet, Citrus Cream, Dead Yellow, Lite Skintone, Medium Skintone, Dark Skintone, and more.

Your artistic ability deserves the very best tattoo ink, and with our tattoo ink sets, you can be sure you always have the right one for the job, while saving yourself time and money. To learn more about any of our professionally curated tattoo ink sets, contact us now

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