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20 Aug 2020

If you are considering a tattoo, you have probably spent hours thinking of a design and researching the best artist, but did you realize there is actually a best time of year to get a tattoo? According to tattoo best practices, there is, and it is winter. It’s not that you shouldn’t get a tattoo in the summer; it’s just that your tattoo aftercare is much simpler in cold weather.


It’s no secret that tattoos are very sensitive when they are fresh. You are given a long list of tattoo aftercare instructions that include many types of activities to avoid. Among these activities you will see swimming and sun exposure, which, as you know, are especially common in the summer. Here’s why these activities need to be avoided:

  • The sun is harmful to any tattoo because it can cause it to fade, but this effect is multiplied when the tattoo is new. That’s why tattoo best practices always include staying out of direct sunlight.
  • Chlorine and other chemicals can do major damage to a new tattoo, so avoiding swimming pools is standard tattoo aftercare.
  • New tattoos are also prone to infection, which means swimming in a lake or ocean can be risky.

Since swimming and sun bathing usually don’t occur in cold weather, it stands to reason that by getting tattoos in the winter, you won’t have to miss out on as much. The winter is the best time of year to get a tattoo because it means there are fewer temptations and there are fewer chances for you to accidentally damage your tattoo.


While your new tattoo will look beautiful once it has fully healed, the tattoo may scab and peel during the first couple weeks, or, you may be covering your new tattoo in plastic wrap to protect it. Luckily, when you get a tattoo in the winter, you are already wearing long sleeves, pants, and a jacket, so you don’t have to try to cover up any awkwardness of your healing tattoo.

You can get a tattoo any time of the year; however, your tattoo aftercare will take less effort if you get it in winter. If you are ready to get your tattoo, make sure to find a tattoo shop that uses quality tattoo artist supplies and fully pigmented, quality-controlled tattoo ink for the best result.

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