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FK Irons Halo 2 Crossover

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Product Description

- The Halo2 features our floating collet vise system, allowing you to use standard and/ or screw on tubes for cartridges and regular needles.
- Grommet-Less Needle Clip + Rolling Needle guide. No more grommets or rubber bands. The needle self stabilizes by counter lever forces against a new ball bearing vice roller upon clicking in pace.
- The new give mechanism has been designed to suit standard and cartridge needles giving you a wide range of adjustment and up to 4mm of give travel.
- High quality Swiss Maxon motor for optimum performance.
- Slip-on stroke wheel motor bolt style is compatible with Halo 1 Motors - Comes with 4mm and 3.4mm stroke wheels with redesigned cams for optimum torque and even less vibration.
- Tool-less disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Engineered and manufactured 100% in the USA by FK Irons.