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Stigma Beast Rotary (Black)

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Product Description

The Stigma-Rotary® “Beast” is a unique, solid-hitting machine with zero give. It can be powered by two different Motor plugs; the 4.5 watt or the super powerful 10 watt as well as using different stroke excenters. This machine works without grommets and rubber bands. Quick setup; simply insert the needle into the Glide Piston and lock it in place with the small, front thumbscrew and you are ready to go. The machine bodies can be autoclaved. An instruction manual is included to help you set up your new machine. We strongly recommend using a high end power supply and high end cables to run your Stigma-Rotary® machine, such as Bavarian Custom Irons cables. This will result in a flawless, non fluctuating, smooth running of the machine.

Four Different Stroke Excenters Available:
• Short: 2.6mm
• Medium: 3.5mm (pre-installed)
• Long: 4.4mm
• New adjustable stroke excenter 2.5mm to 4.7mm

Stigma Beast Features:
• Weight 2.9oz
• Low vibration & maintenance free
• Motor plugs (4.5w Pre-Installed)
• Upgrade choice to 10w Motor plug
• Option of using various stroke excenters