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Tommy's Four Ace (Brass)

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Product Description

Tommy's Four Ace Machine was designed by Tommy's Ringwalt Sr. after attending the 1st Tattoo Convention in Atlantic City. He wanted to make this machine specifically for sale at this convention each year for artist who love to gamble. His vision was to design a piece of equipment that would represent an artist's passion for gambling during this event. After it became a demanding and popular we started putting it on the market for sale to all professional tattooists!

All Tommy's Machines are CNC cut, custom hand built and coils are manually filed with care by professionals for precision tattooing. This machine comes in brass only. Our machines have tremendous power that will move any size needles fluid and steady through the skin to get those nice smooth lines and shades. Some of the most talented artists worldwide use and highly recommend Tommy's Machine's because they are long lasting, very reliable and we stand by our products 100%.


• Coils: 10 Wrap
• Run Speed: 7.8v - 9.0v
• Spring Gauge: 18ga
• Weight: 9.80oz (278g)

• Coils: 10 Wrap
• Run Speed: 8.5v - 9.5v
• Spring Gauge: 18ga
• Weight: 9.8oz (278g)