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Stigma Swiss Motors

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Product Description

The Stigma-Rotary® EC MotorPlug uses brushless technology. Standard motors use brushes to operate, which over time will collect dirt and dust which will affect the performance of the motor. Power may be affected and fluctuations may start to occur. The new Stigma-Rotary® EC MotorPlug will last 10 times the life span of a standard motor and will always perform with the same consistency as it did on the first day you used it! Benefitting from the following key features:

    • Carries a Swiss Made 5 Watt Brushless Maxon motor
    • With preloaded ball bearings
    • Very durable with longer lifespan
    • Compact design
    • Powers Amen Beast and Prodigy machine bodies
    • RCA and Clipcord Connection as standard
    Runs from 7 volts up to 15 volts

With the Stigma-Rotary® EasyPlug system, the MotorPlug can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds. You can even rotate the motor to find the perfect angle for your RCA / clipcord contacts.

It can also be bagged to avoid cross contamination.

The same MotorPlug can power all your “AMEN”, “Beast” and “Prodigy” machine bodies, or you can use the same machine body and attach any combination of different powered (4.5 Watt , 10 Watt or 5 Watt Brushless) MotorPlugs with different stroke length excenters.

The MotorPlugs always come with a medium stroke excenter pre-installed. To use the EC 5 Watt Brushless MotorPlug with an “AMEN” machine,  you will just need to replace the stroke excenter with the new hex spinner (which is provided with all “AMEN” machines)