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Stigma Motors

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Product Description

Stigma-Rotary® Easy Plug system, the Motor plug can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds. You can even rotate the motor to find the perfect angle for your RCA / clip cord contacts. Clip cords are compatible if using the clip cord upgrading kit. The same Motor plug can power all your “Beast” and “Prodigy” machine bodies, or you can use the same machine body and attach any combination of different powered 4.5 or 10 Watt Motor plugs with different stroke length excenters. The Motor plugs always come with a medium stroke excenter pre-installed. Additional excenters are also available:
Motors 4.5 Watt:
• Carries a Swiss Made Maxon motor
• It weighs only 44 grams
• Advantages of the 4.5 Watt Motor plug: it is smaller and lighter, it weighs only 44 grams, it is good for everything; shading, blending, layering, lining, & color packing.

Motors 10 Watt:
• Carries a super strong Swiss Made Maxon motor
• It weighs only 44 grams.
• It can run for 24 hours and still stay cool
• Advantages of the 10 Watt Motor plug: it’s smaller, lighter, & can drive any size needle made with ease.