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Jeweled Nose Ring

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 NR18PR Amethyst$1.99Buy Now
 NR18AB Aurora Borealis$1.99Buy Now
 NR18AQ Aqua$1.99Buy Now
 NR18C Crystal$1.99Buy Now
 NR18BL Black$1.99Buy Now
 NR18G Emerald$1.99Buy Now
 NR18LP Light Purple$1.99Buy Now
 NR18LB Light Sapphire$1.99Buy Now
 NR18LG Peridot$1.99Buy Now
 NR18P Pink$1.99Buy Now
 NR18R Ruby$1.99Buy Now
 NR18B Sapphire$1.99Buy Now
 NR18LR Siam$1.99Buy Now
 NR18S Smoke$1.99Buy Now
 NR18Y Topaz$1.99Buy Now

Product Description

18g Bezel set jeweled nostril jewelry, martini glass style. 1.3mm gem set in a 2mm round martini glass surgical steel nose screw which makes the jewel appear to sink into your nose for a nice clean look. These are Autoclave safe. 7mm inner diameter

Material 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel

Amethyst (Dark Purple)
Aurora Borealis
Crystal (Clear)
Emerald (Dark Green)
Light Purple
Light Sapphire (Light Blue)
Peridot (Light Green)
Ruby (Dark Red)
Sapphire (Dark Blue)
Siam (Light Red)
Topaz (Yellow)