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  Tommy's Ink Hammer Cartridge Grip

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 TIHGBK 1" Jet Black Grip$150.00Buy Now
 TIHGAB 1" Arctic Blue Grip$150.00Buy Now
 TIHGPP 1" Pastel Pink Grip$150.00Buy Now
 TIHGSR 1" Stark Red Grip$150.00Buy Now

Product Description

Tommy's Rotary Click Cartridge Grip. This easy to use and user friendly system makes your work more efficient and frees up time rather than spending it changing out needle and tube. Our grip come in 1 Inch (25mm) with 4 colors to choose from . The grips comfortably fit any hand and is very light weight.

• Grips can be used with most (rotary) machines from other manufacturers.
• Material: Aluminum
• Colors: Jet Black, Arctic Blue, Stark Red, and Pastel Pink
• needle depth adjustment by “clicking” or turning grip
• Ribbed outer surface for easier gripping