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Axys Direct Black
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Axys Direct Black

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Product Description

The direct drive is a true workhorse.  Its bulletproof, powerful and can do any kind of work thanks to having 3 stroke options and a motor with an extreme operating range, (3.5-11 volts).  This machine is a great alternative/upgrade for Bishop.  It's much smoother than a linear style machine due to having no unnecessary moving parts, springs etc. 

Specifications and Features
-Comes with 3 cams - 3.2mm, 3.7mm, and 4.3mm
-Requires no preventative maintenance
-Extremely low vibration
-Autoclavable forward body (tube vise side)
-Compatible with all stem type disposable tubes as well as 16mm threaded screw on cartridge grips like the cheyenne grips.
-Constructed entirely of 6061 grade aluminum with anodized finish
-Swiss, Maxon Motor with ball bearings and graphite brushes for longest life possible
-Roughly 125 grams (4.5oz)
-uses #8 rubber bands

-1 year warranty against defects and premature failure due to normal operation.