Petrify Liquid Solidifer 2g Pouches

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Petrify™ is a super-absorbent polymer that yields a gel-like material with the addition of liquid. A pre-measured unit dose pack has a multitude of uses. Porous, non-woven material (similar to a tea bag) allows liquid and the solidifier to mix. No pouring is necessary. Petrify™ is recommended for the bottoms of sharps containers, red bags, or for specimen shipping.

Petrify™ is designed to provide tattoo artists with an easier and more effective cleanup after tattoo procedures. Petrify™ also helps with the disposal of any liquids associated with the tattooing process. It can solidify liquid 30 times its own weight in a matter of minutes.

Please Note: This product is neither a sanitizer nor a disinfectant. Please use approximately 2g of Petrify™ per every 6oz of liquid.


• Box of 75 Pouches
• Size: 2g
• Contents: Polyacrylate Polymer Matrix
• Solidifies liquid 30 times its own weight in minutes
• Not a sanitizer or disinfectant
• Must be disposed in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations when used with infectious waste


Directions for Use:
• Add Petrify™.
• Watch liquid solidify.
• Discard waste.

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Petrify Liquid Solidifer 2g Pouches
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