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The Best Tattoo Ink for Every Style

Whether you specialize in traditional tattoos, you prefer a more realistic style, or you are getting in on the new watercolor trend, Tommy’s Supplies has all of the inks you need to complete the tattoo with perfection. No matter what your client is requesting, we can help you make it come to life with our versatile collection of tattoo ink online.

We strive to provide you with only tried and true tattoo ink that you can depend on for incredible pigment every time. Every tattoo ink option we carry either meets or exceeds industry standards, and you can feel confident using the best tattoo ink on your clients. They will keep your reputation intact while ensuring your client’s tattoo looks exceptional. From StarBrite Colors ink and Eternal Ink to Intenze Inks and SilverBack Ink, we have the popular ink brands you are searching for. Look to Tommy’s Supplies to buy tattoo ink online for your next artistic challenge.

StarBrite Colors Ink

Not only is StarBrite Colors ink some of the most sought-after, cleanest colored inks on the market today, they were created by us. We spent years talking to tattoo artists and the FDA to develop our own tattoo inks: inks that could provide authentic, vibrant colors while remaining sterile. The line includes 150 colored tattoo inks, and is ideal for many tattoo styles, including illustrative, traditional, neo-traditional, watercolor, and many more.

Gray & Black Tattoo Ink

Many tattoo styles, such as realism, portrait, and tribal, are completed only using black and grey inks. However, in order to give these tattoos depth, several shades of gray inks are required. We carry many popular ink brands that specialize in gray and black tattoo ink:

  • Eternal Inks – The 3 Eternal Greywash set by Eternal Inks is a great set for black and gray artists. The set includes a light, medium, and dark shade, and their hue is consistent with every batch.
  • Intenze Inks – The six-color black and grey series by Intenze Inks, in collaboration from Intenze Inks – The six-color black and grey series by Intenze Inks, in collaboration from Bob Tyrrell, offers artists the ability to give their tattoos more contrast and clarity., offers artists the ability to give their tattoos more contrast and clarity.
  • SilverBack Ink – To help take the guesswork out of using gray and black tattoo ink, SilverBack Ink has created their Insta Greywash line. Ranging from 1-10, from light to dark, the tattoo inks can be purchased separately, so don’t have to purchase an entire set when you are only out of one or two shades.

While your artistic abilities play a big role in the end result of a tattoo, the quality of the ink you use matters as well. Trust us for top tattoo ink, tattoo machines, and overall tattoo equipment so you can make a long-lasting impression. Give your clients exactly what they are looking for by shopping the professional tattoo inks at Tommy’s Supplies. And if you have any questions about which ink will be the best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.