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Tommy’s Supplies sells tattoo, medical, & piercing merchandise to professional tattoo artists & Piercers. Your purchase of Tommy’s Supplies products, whether in person, by telephone, fax, email, or over the Internet, legally binds you as follows: before the finalization of your sale goes through that all the information that you have provided us is 100% accurate and you are atleast 18 years of age along with being a professional tattoo artist or piercer. Starbrite Ink is produced by us in which it has been tested, sterilized, and fda registered. This product is a non-toxic, pure organic pigment.and any applications applied in certain individuals may cause allergic reactions depending on there immune system, so we recommend you to see a phyisician before getting tattooed with any pigments. We disclaim any responsibility for allergic reactions of individuals to whom this pigment is applied to. Any equipment can be harmful if not used in a carefull manor. By purchasing from Tommy's Supplies you agree to use our merchandise in a safe and legal manner, you further agree to keep Tommy’s Supplies Merchandise out of the hands of minors and/or immature individuals. When you purchase Merchandise from Tommy’s Supplies, you agree to assume all risks related to our products and cannot hold us accountable of your actions.

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