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New Starbrite Labels Now Available!!!

Tommy’s Supplies producer of the Starbrite Ink Brand now has a new unique label design with a very professional look. This will prevent a lot less copying at the moment and also separate us from the competition to a whole new level. Our new labels are now vinyl with a much higher resolution and unique die-cut design for a nice clean look for the artists. You will also be able to wipe off any spills on the bottle much easier and still be able to read the label to some extent if you catch it soon enough. By doing this, will rejuvenate our Starbrite brand to keep up with the new technology of this craft along with making it more difficult for generic suppliers to copy our great product that we have worked so hard over the last 15 years. We have one of the safest and brightest ink on the market today and would like to keep it that way.

Very Important: Below you will see that the label has “Europe” under our logo (We have put an arrow pointing to this change). This is only to be used and sold for the European Market do to the strict regulations they require. This country will now get all of our new Starbrite improvements to better serve our customers worldwide.

This shall be done by Tommy’s Supplies only while being one of the original co-founder and trademark owner of Starbrite Inks. Please make sure you check for our Tommy’s Supplies logo, trade mark ribbon, and address which will be on all our labels. Tommy’s Supplies will always stay current with old and new principles of the trade along with carrying and manufacturing all high quality products to keep up with the new technology of tattooing.

Tom Ringwalt / Owner
Tommy’s Supplies