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by vignesh selvam 18 Dec 2019

Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Tattoo Artist In Your Life

For those of us who have a tattoo artist in our lives, finding the perfect gift for them can seem like a daunting task. Especially when you don’t know much about tattoos, what in the world would be a great tattoo gift? Whether it’s a friend or family member who owns a tattoo stop, or if it’s the artist who put their work on your body, it’s important to recognize these people with a gift they will truly love. If you are wondering what to get that special tattoo artist in your life this year, here are the top 5 gifts for tattoo artists we think will hit it out of the park this holiday season.

1.      StarBrite Christmas Gift Tattoo Ink Set

Our most popular gift idea for tattoo artists this year is our StarBrite Colors Christmas tattoo ink gift set. This specially priced tattoo ink set is perfect for any tattooer in your life as it features all our most popular and classic colors. StarBrite Colors inks are known around the world for their long lasting, bright colors and for being the safest tattoo inks on the market. Take advantage of these discounts on tattoo inks while they last, as they are only available during the holidays!

2.      Art Supplies For Tattoo Artists

Quality art supplies are always a hit with tattoo artists. Things like sketchbooks of all sizes are great for artists who like to free draw all their art and test out new designs. In addition, high quality pencils, charcoal, and pens are always a nice stocking stuffer. If they prefer to stencil their work, consider getting them a pack of carbon paper to help free-hand stencil out some amazing designs. 

3.      Tattoo Flash Books

In the same vein, if you know the artist you are buying for loves trying new styles and techniques, consider getting them a tattoo flash book they can get inspiration from and even show to potential customers. Different types of flash books are a great way for tattoo artists to get comfortable with new styles. Some of these types include vintage flash books, Chinese art flash books, and even Tribal design flash books. To get some ideas on which flash book to buy, just talk to your artist about what styles he or she is looking to learn more about.

4.      LED Light Panel for Tattoo Stencils

If your artist doesn’t already have one, an LED light panel makes a great gift for the up and coming artist! The Porta Trace light box is the best LED tracing panel on the market. It is certainly the perfect gift for the artist who likes to pay close attention to detail and get the design drawn exactly like any photo or drawing a customer brings in. Or, if you know they have a thermal fax machine, you can always get them some blue thermal carrier paper to help them make the best tattoo stencils around.

5.      Tommy’s Tattoo Supply Gift Card

If you don’t know anything about tattooing or what your artist would like, never fear! You can always get a gift card! A gift card to Tommy’s Supplies is a perfect gift idea so you don’t have to guess on what tattoo machines they prefer to use, or what styles of tattoo ink they may need to stock up on. Take the worry off your shoulders and give them the gift of choice this holiday season.

No matter what you get your tattoo artist, friend or family member, remember it’s the thought that counts! Most artist love going to work every day because they get to do what they love most in the world, create and display beautiful art on the coolest canvases. Showing your appreciation for their passion by getting a tattoo themed gift is the perfect way to show you care, no matter what gift you end up giving!

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