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  EGO Switch Gen 2 - Red

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Product Description

The Switch is Ego’s long-awaited Pen Style rotary tattoo machine.  The world's first machine with an inbuilt ON/OFF switch! The Switch is lightweight, reliable, consistent and quiet. With the new Gen 2 version you can now adjust the machine to run soft or hard.

Featuring an exceptionally ergonomic design, with a 28mm diameter that fits the hand well and feels great.

With a Japanese made motor, the Switch is super smooth and super powerful.
The Ego Switch is a dedicated cartridge machine.
• Inbuilt ON/OFF Switch!
• RCA Connection
• 3.5MM Throw
• Weight 142g
• 28mm diameter
• 118MM Length from tip to tip
• Anti-Roll design
• Precision Japanese made motor
• Worlds first On/Off switch inbuilt
• 1 Year Warranty 

The Switch has two modes. Mode one is constant power on. Power on and off is controlled via the power supply with a footswitch. Mode two is Switch mode. Power on and off is controlled via the switch at the top of the machine. One press engages the power and will stay engaged until the switch is pressed again. 

To adjust the needle, rotate the bottom part of the body to the right or left until the desired needle depth is reached. If the body is turned too far, the shell will come off. Simply re-screw the body back in place.