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Square Tips

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 SST5T 5 Mag (Tip)$9.50Buy Now
 SST7T 7 Mag (Tip)$9.50Buy Now
 SST9T 9 Mag (Tip)$9.50Buy Now
 SST5 5 Mag (Tip & Tube)$11.00Buy Now
 SST7 7 Mag (Tip & Tube)$11.00Buy Now
 SST9 9 Mag (Tip & Tube)$11.00Buy Now

Product Description

Our tips and tubes are CNC cut, made from high quality stainless steel with a nice polished finish. Artists highly recommend them due to their nice smooth edges and perfect needle fit for less vibration. These are made in the USA our professional team!!!  We take great pride when making our products for the tattoo industry and will stand by them 100% guaranteed!

These tips are also compatable with:
5 Mag = (4-5 Flat) (5 Round Mag) (5-9 Stacked Mag)
7 Mag = (6-8 Flat) (7 Round Mag) (11-15 Stacked Mag)
9 Mag = (9-11 Flat) (9 Round Mag)