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Popular Ink Brands

Tommy's Supplies brings to you the top tattoo ink brands in the industry today. Eternal inks from Terry "Tramp" Welker a veteran tattoo artist whom in 2004 founded Eternal Ink, Inc. and has expanded to more than 200 colors today. Intenze ink by Mario Barth with industry high standards such as sterilizing their tattoo inks to mixing and bottling their product in a clean rooms as well as having it tested and validated by third-party labs. World Famous Inks by Lou Rubino Jr.  is the result of a tattooing bloodline that’s been in the industry for over 50 yrs. World Famous Inks is a bold solid tattoo ink that is sterilized and is vegan friendly! Mom's ink a trusted name for over 20 plus years mom's tattoo ink colors are pure, uncut, homogenized pigment dispersion.