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Tatu-Derm Roll

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Product Description

TatuYou LLC was founded in 2006 by a tattooed inventor with an interest in developing products to enhance the tattoo experience. Tatu-Derm was designed to provide a transparent breathable bacterial barrier for new tattoos, ease of use by the tattoo artists and low cost for the consumer. The average tattoo can be covered for about $1 - a relatively low cost for the benefits. Tatu-Derm protects the new tattoo from abrasion providing improved comfort. Covering a new tattoo with Tatu-Derm will eliminate staining sheets and clothes. Tatu-Derm is breathable and waterproof protecting a new tattoo while showering, swimming, and surfing.

6" X 180" roll or 6" x 4" sheet
Sterile and made in the USA.
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