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Stigma Hyper V3 Rotary (Black)

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Product Description

This new innovation machine from Stigma-Rotary® is the most flexible Rotary on the market. The improved technology allows you to set up the Hyper V3 as soft as never before. This machine also features both RCA and clip cord connection for maximum convenience and is a good all-rounder machine. An instruction manual is included to help you set up easily. We strongly recommend using a high end power supply and cables to run your Stigma-Rotary® machine. This will result in a flawless, non fluctuating, smooth running of the machine.

Hyper V3 New & Existing Features:
• Weight: 4oz
• Super soft to super hard (6.0mm to 3.6mm) adjustment in seconds.
• Precision adjustable needle stabilizer, no more elastic bands!
• New tube vice locking system for grips.
• Stroke: 3.6–6.0mm manually adjustable
• Engine: 4.5 watt Made in Switzerland
• Adjustment: Manual Lining, shading and Coloring
• Voltage adjustment: 7-12 volt
• Stitches per minute: 3,000-10,000
• Material of the Frame: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum