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Small-V Evolution (Handled)
Small-V Evolution (Handled)
This series modifies the sizes and weight for a greater compactness, lightness, and balance that lead to a better performance accuracy and speed. The new technical features as the tubevise closing system, rear binding post (with an innovative lock), back spring lock plate, make this series more reliable.

The new SMALL-V machine was born out of the fusion of the old style of the Round Back Jones. This design has been revised to reduce dimension and weight parameters with the aim to improve its balance. The more compact frame and the optimization of the mechanical components, brings this machine to have a more reliable and precise output which is also 10% faster than the other machines.

-Liner Coils: 10 Wrap            -COPPER FRONT & REAR BINDING
-Shader Coils: 12 Wrap         -SILVER CONTACT SCREW
-Weight: 9.97

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