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  Tattoo X-Tencil

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Product Description

Tattooing from bottom up is a myth. With Tattoo X-Tencil you can start tattooing at any point and re-place your stencil as many time as needed. “No more bloodlines” A transparent stencil means a perfect placement specially if doing a cover up or just adding on to an existing tattoo. 


1. Begin by placing stencil paper on a clean sheet of paper towel, (Stencil ink facing down)

2. Using fingertips, press down stencil paper firmly while rubbing X-Tencil outward from fingertips.

3. Using a clean piece of paper towel remove excess solution from stencil paper.


If you're working on an existing tattoo and need to add to it you would use this product to wet the stencil paper to see right through it when trying to line it up perfectly with the existing tattoo without loosing the stencil print to the skin.