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A Pound of Flesh - Arm

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Product Description

A Pound of Flesh for the apprentice, this will help prevent poorly executed tattoos on actual people and give you a chance to practice without serious repercussions. For the pros, this is a way to show off your skills with a 3D portfolio or practice new techniques to make you an even better artist.

Stencil Application Tips:
Using thermal fax paper for stencils along with Stencil Stuff/Electrum for application works best. After placing the stencil, spray a thin coat of aerosol hairspray and let dry overnight. DO NOT let it dry for more than a day, or it can become permanent. When drawing directly onto the foot with a skin scribe or markers, use the hairspray and still let dry overnight.

-  Silicone/rubber based
-  For apprentices and professionals alike
-  Available in arms, hands and feet
-  Made in USA
-  Manufacturer: A Pound of Flesh