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Porta-Trace LED Light Panel

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 PTLP81211 8 1/2" x 11"$115.00Buy Now

Product Description

Introducing the NEW LED Light Panel by Gagne Porta-Trace! Whiter, Brighter and Best Value Available.
  • The Light Panel has a ultra-slim 3/4" profile and removable adapter to fit conveniently into your brief case or portfolio and transport room to room.
  • The LED Light Panel is an Eco Friendly Design with long lasting LED lights and estimated bulb life of 50,000 hours with low power consumption.
  • The Light Panel uses the brightest LED lights available while providing uniform lighting across the work surface with a beautiful white hue.
  • This light box has an aluminum frame with a durable Plexiglas working surface.
  • This unit is manufactured in the USA with all components being UL, RoHS and CE compliant.