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Tattoo Safety First

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Product Description

Tattoo Safety First is a comprehensive new DVD designed as a practical approach to applying blood-borne pathogens' education to the body modification industry. This video gives the user a hands on approach to applying safety procedures and regulations to the field of tattooing .This video covers a broad scope of information that is vital to creating and maintaining a safe work environment. Some topics covered in Tattoo Safety First include: surgical and medical asepsis, cross contamination prevention and awareness, bio shielding and its importance, proper sterilization techniques, spore testing, documentation and labeling of equipment, as well as the necessary equipment and procedures involved in maintaining the Bio-Hazard room. This product was created with safe tattooing in mind and is in compliance with OSHA regulations. It's practical use is a benefit to any tattoo shop owner, artist and their apprentices, as well as a comprehensive training tool for health departments, out-reach programs, people interested in tattooing, disease prevention, the general consumer.