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Spring Loaded

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 CBRSL01316 0 G x 13/16"$7.00$5.95Buy Now
 CBRSL258 2 G x 5/8"$7.00$5.95Buy Now
 CBRSL234 2 G x 3/4"$7.00$5.95Buy Now
 CBRSL458 4 G x 5/8"$6.00$5.10Buy Now
 CBRSL434 4 G x 3/4"$6.00$5.10Buy Now
 CBRSL61116 6 G x 11/16"$6.00$5.10Buy Now
 CBRSL634 6 G x 3/4"$6.00$5.10Buy Now

Product Description

Awesome new spring loaded captive bead ring. No need for pliers as this captive ball snaps in place with ease. The entire piece is crafted in 316L stainless steel