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Economic Diamond Tip Disposables

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 D3DT20 1-3 (20/Box)$15.00$12.00Buy Now
 D5DT20 3-5 (20/Box)$15.00$12.00Buy Now
 D7DT20 5-7 (20/Box)$15.00$12.00Buy Now
 D3DT 1-3 (Single)$1.00$0.80Buy Now
 D5DT 3-5 (Single)$1.00$0.80Buy Now
 D7DT 5-7 (Single)$1.00$0.80Buy Now

Product Description

Imported, sterile, disposable black plastic tubes with tips and rubber grip. Sterilize with E.O.gas. DO NOT use if package is damaged. All tubes are individually sealed in sterile blister pack. Grips are rubber instead of plastic, allowing for greater comfort and ease of use.

Available in 1' Grip only
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